Group Reflections

What people are saying?

I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge and insight I achieved through doing your Tarot course. I have always had a great interest in Tarot, but was never confident enough to do readings for others even though I felt that is something I wanted to do. Since completing your course I have done many readings for myself and others with very positive feedback- gaining experience during the final session through actual practice was very beneficial.

The sessions were fun, informative and very enjoyable – I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in getting more out of Tarot than they currently know.
Thanks again Suzy, Kirsten

SEICHIM SEKHEM FEEDBACK:  “It was an amazing experience having the chance to learn Seichem and being able to heal with such a lovely and peaceful energy. The attunement experiences were amazing. There was this feeling of being grounded and in peace the following days after the workshops. The infinity meditation was amazing and so it was the Quan Yin and Sekhmet meditations. Feeling many changes in my life right now and feeling more focused and centred in things that I needed to do for a while. Many Thanks Suzan” G, Paez, Medical Practitioner

image001 (1)SEICHIM SEKHEM PRACTITIONER COURSE.   Great course and I just love working with the Sekhem energy;  of the 3 forms of energy healing I do this is by far the most powerful and nurturing to work with, I’ve experienced powerful shifts during the course and my clients are saying the healings are very profound and beautifully relaxing.  I’ve now attended 3 of Suze’s workshops and they’ve all been amazing.   Suze is a great font of knowledge and her nurturing teaching style is a delight.  I can recommend Suze’s courses to anyone. Karen D. 

“Hi darling Suze, just would like to say that you were the pivotal point for this Pommy girl to flower.  Your meditation groups just opened my (3rd) eye a little bit more.  Being in an environment where spooky wasn’t scary.  Seeing so many other people blossom under your wings.  Feeling that I wasn’t a complete fruitcake.  Well, not all of the time anyway.  The Tarot Course gave me a set of tools to be able to channel the messages through a fun exchange.  It really did change my life that course.  All thanks to you lovely Suze.  You are a quite exceptional human being, so kind, so giving, so funny and humble.  You have changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful that our stars collided.  Thank you.  Love xxxxxxxxxxxxx “[MC]

“I really enjoyed your course [TAROT] it was fabulous and very soul satisfying.    Not only the teaching style and the company of a small group, but the personal development it gave me.  I have always been interested in tarot but unsure whether to pursue it and I did it and also gave 5 readings it was fabulous. What a personal achievement.” [MS]

“Attending Suzan’s Saturday morning circle is like a special treat. I love the range of topics covered and the exercises to support and develop our own personal growth and understanding. I love our regular meditation where I can honestly say I’ve yet to come across anyone else that sends me into such a deeply relaxed state! The channelling is fascinating offering perspectives that help to appreciate the bigger picture at times our own personal journey. Above everything else, Suzan’s passion and love for what she does is obvious ensuring everything is attended to with thought, insight and at times, a mighty fine dry sense of humour! It’s just a beautiful and fun way to begin the weekend! Should I mention the chocolate maltesers? Whoops just did! “ Mark

“I just love Susan’s group. I went not knowing what would happen, now if I miss a week I’m so ungrounded and not connected with the universe. The meditation that we do are wonderful and really make you feel light & free, thanks Susan for your wonderful group.” Tonia.

“Hi Suzan, I think you can take pride in the work and effort that goes into allowing the group to take its own form on a weekly basis. You can take pride in accepting new comers to the experience of sitting in a circle of light and making it one to think about and enjoy. I personally am getting a lot from the participation in the group and having the opportunity to channel. I feel there is a lot more expansion to happen within me, and your group is an important part of this process. I do thank you for facilitating this. I look forward to sitting with you in the future weeks.” [MH]

I have found Wings to be a relaxed and welcoming corner of the world where I can spend some time amongst likeminded people and explore my spirituality at my own pace. Given my varied interests I appreciate the convenience of being able to attend circles when I choose rather than committing to a pre-specified weekly date.  I enjoy the diversity of topics covered, the amazing meditations and not least of all Suzy’s wicked sense of humour.” [DA]

“Thank You for being the wonderful, beautiful guiding light that you are, the world is so much brighter as a result. All the best.” Liz’

‘I have always felt all my life that I was a spiritual person but did not know how to access this side of myself, but since attending your classes I have noticed that my intuitions on people and events around me has certainly heightened and I feel I am given pre warning with what to do in a lot of situations and for this I thank you and the classes you hold and the amazing people who attended.” Love Inge xx

“I would like to thank you again for what you are doing. I feel that your group is giving me the greatest power. What you are doing is the greatest gift you could give this earth and mankind. You are truly a living angel. I need love to be able to heal and you and your group (that YOU have created) are supplying that unconditionally. I now hope to be able to connect to my guides and angles. I find it very exciting where I am heading. I would like to acknowledge you for the work you are doing. You are a very special person. I know we all have a gift if we choose to use it but most people just don’t want to know.” [LJ]

“The Saturday morning group with Suzan is great! Her meditations are wonderful; I enjoy being around like minded people and having a regular time to further my spiritual/psychic growth in a comfortable environment.

Suzan always has a ‘topic’ of interest to share   i.e. crystals, runes, tarot etc. And her time of ‘channelling’ her own guide is always interesting and helpful for the group. Thank you Suzan!’ [JH]

“Susan’s psychic and spiritual development class is a valuable resource for people on or just beginning a spiritual journey. Through the classes Susan gives attendees an opportunity to quieten the mind, to further develop our intuition, to assist in developing a greater connection to our guides and angels and to reinforce the connection between us (people), the creator and all other living things.” [ND]

Hi Suzan, please accept my feelings and gratitude for the Seichim Sekhem workshop on 12 oct 2014. In all the workshops I have attended in my life, every time I attend yours I have  so much satisfaction and awakenings at attending them. Your knowledge, professional work ethnics the  wisdom and work you put into them is enough to know that you are the right spiritual teacher and mentor and I look forward to attending further workshops in the coming year. Thank you Many Blessings and love and light. AM xxxx