ALL LOVE workshop | 2/3 May 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.07.08 PMAll reading this are aware that they are travelling along a Spiritual Path. Along that path we undoubtedly meet those that can guide, teach, inspire, motivate – and then there is Patrick! A man with an amazing history even before he spent a night in the Kings Tomb [1970’s] bringing forth an energetic vibration that was discovered to be the revival of the ancient Egyptian SEICHIM Universal Light Force.

I have been teaching Sekhem Seichim for many years taking so many people through to the Master Level – those students are now ready for this next step – ALL-LOVE! But then so are those who have studied Reiki or ANY healing modality. Oh and those who just want to accelerate their spiritual growth SO just about everyone reading this qualify!! BUT what exactly do you qualify for?

ALL LOVE – SEKHEM SEICHIM – Source for all the Seichim, SKHM, Seichem and Sekhem Healing Energy Family. COME ALONG TO EXPERIENCE THE ‘ALL-LOVE’ HEALING HEART ENERGY …

“All-Love is the way of healing with the heart. Many of the rituals and techniques that were used in the past that caused separation are no longer relevant now. Through All-Love the INITIATIONS flow without any set rituals, all we need is love. Where there is Love, All Love is possible, without Love we feel our separation from Source.

Our Spiritual Heart is at the core of our being and where the soul connects to our Emotional and Physical bodies. Our All-Love Community creates a space for Healing, Learning, Sharing and Opening of the Heart, which allows us to experience all of who we are and what we are capable of becoming. Our vision is to bring together all forms of Light Workers to work together in Unity to Awaken to Heaven on Earth. All-Love Patrick Zeigler”

I am therefore honoured to present PATRICK SCOTT ZEIGLER at Shambhala so you can meet this amazing man and spend two days in a deeply spiritual way that I can guarantee you would never have experienced before! This tall, gently spoken yet dynamic man will take you to another level…
Patrick is an International seminar leader, architect, designer, husband and father who has a passion to help people realise their highest potential. Patrick has, and continues to, travel extensively bringing his unique healing and teaching abilities to people throughout the world.

$480 x 2 days. [Highly Recommended] $250 x one day.
$450 if paid in full by 2nd April.
$100 non-refundable Deposit required whether one or two days attendance. This unique workshop is popular, so be quick with your registration/deposit.
Pay Suzan Rideout – BSB: 063476 1023 9230

Contact SuZan 


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