SPIRITUAL CIRCLESSPIRITUAL CIRCLES for week commencing at SHAMBHALLA on Saturday 24th January, following Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning in Pascoe Vale.

Karma: Releasing old contracts, vows, etc. especially agreements, marriage and business contracts, etc.

All energy moves in a circular pattern and it is understood that at some point the negativity created would need to be transmuted back into peaceful Love and cleared.  Have you thought that every time we enter into an agreement with another soul, it is recorded in our soul records?  Every time we make a vow, or a commitment, it is recorded?   It does not matter whether these were dowry agreements made by our parents in some lifetime, business deals, political alliances, marriages had in this lifetime or another, you signed a contract and made a vow somewhere along the line.  And every time we make a vow, sign a contract, and especially if this formed part of some religious ceremony, even like hand-fasting ceremonies, or blood vows, or whatever, the vow remains until released. 

SO this week we will be looking at this Karmic attachment and seeing what we can do to release anything that needs to leave!

Along with this VERY interesting concept, we shall share intuitive exercises finishing with a deep and blissful guided meditation designed not only to bring your mind to a place of peace and relaxation, but also suggest to the subconscious that it really is time to release unwanted vows.

Contact SuZan for more details.

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