When I was 15yrs

10606562_10202419803971285_1152591648462393597_nWhen I was 15yrs, I stood up and gave a speech against fox-hunting back in England. I was just one within a minority. Then awareness grew across the country and despite it being steeped in traditions and loved by the Upper Classes it was banned. This year I have seen awareness increase in the need to protect animals from unnecessary cruelty. Save the Whale, Dolphin, Shark, bears, tigers, orangutans, cage hens, poor slaughtering and shipment of animals, puppy farms, dog fighting …. The list could go on ….and on ….

Today we have a nation’s greed for winning money OR showing off fashion OR wanting a thrill OR an excuse for a day off or BBQ affecting and ill-treating yet another member of our animal kingdom.

The horse is a strong, magnificent, loyal animal … Loved by many, abused by many and not properly considered as a slave to our gambling whims by many.

Sure some years ago I used to celebrate, bet, enjoy ‘The Race that stops a Nation’. But now I have woken up. Once ‘awareness’ occurs, the heart can only feel the atrocities and no longer falls for the Pomp and Glamour…. Especially if it involves animals who have no choice, who have no voice ….

One if not two horses have allowed themselves to be sacrificed today in order that more people Wake Up. The horse that died last year was not even announced to the general public.

How are you feeling about Cup Day now?

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