Anybody watching “60 Minutes” and the African Mountain Gorillas?

Sooooo amazing they are even surviving – in the area there were 27,000 but after poaching just over 300. Now figures back up to 800. The Gorillas are happy to mix with humans. A Belgium Prince runs the park area even though 150 Rangers have been murdered in the last twenty years by Poachers. He has been shot himself twice in the chest!

So many endangered species around the world due only to human greed. We cannot only blame the poachers entirely – it would not be worth the risk if there was not a market out there amongst people. Ordinary people who do not know or do not consider the cost to animal life that brought them their products. This National Park although Heritage Protected, has another real threat. Oil. Because Virunga bordered by Rwanda has known such conflict, oil is a commodity that cannot help being attractive to a war-torn community. Governments are fragile, but these brave custodians of a unique National Park have vowed to continue their fight against all illegal intrusions that invade such an amazing animal sanctuary. There are so many unique and selfless people out there; for us to be more aware of their plight and their very existence is the beginning of much needed global support ….

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