It’s not difficult to realize that something is happening on Earth

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Depending on personal beliefs, we decipher the changes in different ways. Undeniable is time speeding up, global changes in temperature, increased natural disasters. But it does not stop there. Because internal changes are just as prevalent. We are outgrowing certain relationships, jobs or even environment. A shift in consciousness allowing us an opportunity to both heal ourselves and Earth. But are we?
Fortunately I move in ‘circles’ of growing awareness but in doing so, the Window is still open to observe what is occurring around the corner and in other parts of the world. 

The animal kingdom is way ahead of us – not so long ago, interspecies relationships were so rare, they would almost be front page news! Now DAILY my Fb posts are filled with incredible posts and videos of animals evolving and accepting other species that were only seen as dinner previously! Lions licking a young deer … a lion, tiger and bear best friends … swans feeding fish … I am sure you have seen them too. But what of us? The human species? 

Yes compassion for the way animals are being treated is bearing much needed results … slowly. But interaction with our own species is lagging behind.
The shift is a gift. Do your part to unwrap it and show the contents in any and every way you can .. it will all help, really it will ….

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